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There is a vast difference between Attorneys who simply "do Wills" as opposed to the comprehensive Estate Planning services that our experienced attorneys can offer you. We will work carefully with you not only in the drafting of a Will, but also many other tasks to make sure you can keep and transfer your property in accordance with your wishes.

Rely on our complete Estate Planning services

You deserve an attorney who will do more than recite statutes and case law. Let us help you with complete Estate Planning.


For engaged and experienced Estate Planning advice, call for your appointment today



  • Wills

  • Contested Wills

  • Trusts

  • Living Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Probate


For all of those “what if” questions you might need answered right now, contact us online and get Estate Planning advice from engaging and experienced attorneys.

Our Estate Planning services include:

After you are satisfied with the planning and preparation of the requested documents, we can also, if you wish, go over all of your requests and planning with your family members to ensure your wishes will be followed and respected. Call to schedule an appointment for your in-office or online for your "privileged" video call today at 734-374-1930.